June 30th group wwoofing - Kota (Japan)|

오늘은~ 2013. 7. 5. 01:15





Pulling the weeds, digging potato under the hot sun, we saw big warms every 30cm. The field just looks like grass field on the surface, but under the grass were full of small and big potato.

The host farmer, Mr. SangGyun Kim, became a far...mer a couple of years ago. He says he is still beginner, but we enjoyed digging the beautiful weedy field that he grew without weeding. SangGyun’s mother looked very happy to have us who just came out of nowhere. Maybe she doesn’t even know the name of WWOOF, but she understands that WWOOF is an exchange – she cooked icy soy milk noodle called Kong Guksu(콩국수)for lunch, brought us sweet tomato and water melon for desert, and icy sweet red bean juice (!) when we were boiled under the afternoon sun. Yes, we worked hard. All the food was rewarding after hard work. Beside the amazing food by the host’s mother, one thing we were exited was that the water running just beside the farm, was drinkable. It is such a natural thing, but we can hardly find drinkable stream nowadays.

There are many farmers and people who quietly preserve their small environment around the world. Just come join WWOOF, and it gives you the access to such people!

Kota, WWOOF Korea staff